Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Planet Antares Inc Is Running Vending SCAM – STAY AWAY

Planet Antares Inc is engaged in another vending business scam. The company is falsely showing tremendous potential in vending machine business and it is luring new entrepreneurs to invest in Planet Antares vending machines. Not many of us would know that in recent past, Antares Corporation (Now Planet Antares Inc) was fined 1000000 USD by Federal Trade Commission for misrepresenting vending business potential.

We have recently found out through vendingscam.com that company has engaged an online marketing specialist for writing and getting fake positive feedbacks so that people mistake their business plans as the best.

You can find so many fake testimonials published by the company showing Planet Antares Inc to be one of the best business opportunities. There are various individuals and websites that are showing up true testimonials for Planet Antares. Below are few of them:






Planet Antares Inc’s Dana Bashor has bought more than 30 domain names to create websites to promote Planet Antares. Surprisingly all the domain names are targeting “PLANET ANTARES SCAM” keywords. We checked on google for search trends. It showed people search for Planet Antares Scam alot and this is the reason why Planet Antares Inc does not want people to see all the negative reviews etc pertaining to scam being run by them. To counter that, they have bought new domains names and created blogs and websites to fill up the webspace.


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Friday, April 09, 2010

How Can You Boost Sales in Planet Antares Vending Machines

Revenue maximisation is one of the main aims of every vending operator. This can be achieved either by increasing product sales or cutting down costs. Beyond certain limit, cost cutting is not possible. Hence the prime concentration of all operators is on increasing the sales of products offered in their machine. To achieve this operators take up several promotional activities and come up with innovative strategies to lure their customers.

Few tips that can help you in enhancing the sales of your products are:

• Attractive and stylish machines: You might have started your business with basic models. But when you are looking for an expansion, try using some latest more attractive machines like glass vending machines from Planet Antares. You can get several varieties of vending machines in varying shapes and sizes capable by drawing customer’s attention. Increase in the number of customers will undoubtedly increase your sales.

• Explore new markets: In order to increase sales, try to tap new locations with minimum competition. Experiment with some non traditional places. This will definitely help you in reaping more profits.

• New products: Latest products are capable of drawing customer attention and they are forced to try them out once. Even offering branded products can also boost your sales. Vending is the best way to promote new and latest products since customers do not hesitate to purchase them from reputed vending machines.

• Maintenance: A vending machine that is clean and well maintained can draw more customers towards it and thereby increase sales. It is the prime responsibility of every vending operator to make sure that his machine is clean and well maintained. This can not only boost sales but also creative positive impact in the minds of customers.

• Software: As a result of technological advancement, a number of latest software is available in the market. These can help you closely monitor and track sales of your products. They also help you in identifying both fast and slow moving products. Once you identify them, you can replace the slow moving product with one that has maximum demand. Thus you can increase sales.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Guidelines For Starting Planet Antares Vending Machine Business

Starting a vending machine business is going to be a cake walk if only you have proper guidance and thorough understanding of the moves you need to make. Vending business is all about places, people and products. So, starting a vending business needs some creativity. However some additional guidance would be an added advantage for the operator.

• Establish contacts: To begin with, it is very helpful if you have some contacts with existing vending operators. These contacts will help you start quickly and make money at a faster pace.

• Basic knowledge about fixing vending machines comes handy in case of any emergency. This technical knowledge not only saves your time but also helps keep your costs under control.

• Combo machines: These days we have a lot of combo machines available in the market. These machines are capable of selling two products at a time. For instance: one section of the machine can sell drinks while the other section sells snacks. The main problem with these machines is their maintenance. These machines break down continuously thus leading to customer dissatisfaction. Instead, purchase full size machines with electronic eye. These machines come with a latest feature that detects if a product has been vended or not when a purchase is made.

• Advertising: This is one of the marketing strategies that helps create awareness about the product among customers and creates zeal to purchase it. If you just have a few machines, then advertising is yellow pages is ideal. On the contrary, if you have several machines located across several places, then you can resort to advertising over the internet.

• Employees: If you a novice who has just started vending business with just one or two machines, then you may not need any employees as you can do the servicing and refilling yourself. But once you start expanding your business by adding more and more machines, then you may need to hire people to make things easier for you.

• Machine and product: Try to purchase new machines of reputed and established brands like Planet Antares. While choosing a product you would like to vend, make sure that the product is fast moving with longer expiry period.

We are sure that these suggestions might help you in your new venture.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Choosing Right Vending Machine – Planet Antares

The kind of machine you choose also influences the success of your business. Because of the growing popularity, a lot of people are getting lured towards starting this business on their own. Due to this more and more models of vending machines are being designed and introduced into the market.

However, there are few fraudsters amongst them trying to misguide you. Hence operators need to be very cautious while choosing the right machine for them. Vending machines available in the market can be broadly classified into three kinds- those that operate on mechanical power, electrical power and combination of both. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However the choice of vending machine is completely at the discretion of vending operator.

Mechanical vending machines: These machines as the name denotes do not work on electricity and at the same time these machines do not come with any automated features. However there are many benefits associated with its purchase, such as

• Easy to install.
• Generates revenue in the form of cash coins.
• Easy to haulage.
• Simple refill and repairing process.
• Zero electricity bill.

The negative aspects of this business are its poor resale value and inability to generate higher returns.

Electrical vending machines: As the name suggests, these machines require electricity to work efficiently. The problems faced in mechanical vending machines can be over come by using an electrical vending machine.

Combination vending machine: In case an operator is aiming at offering more than one product at a time, combo vending machines are appropriate. Besides being attractive and easy to operate, this machine also has larger storage capacity and can also generate higher revenue.

If you are new to this business or industry, it is always advisable to start on a small scale with one or two machines and gradually expand over a period of time. For more detailed view into the vending business contact Planet Antares staff.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Positive Aspects of Planet Antares Vending Machine Business

Planet AntaresVending machines are renowned across the globe because of the utmost convenience they offer to customers. No matter what time of the day it is you can always purchase the products of your choice just by dropping in a few coins into this magic machine. Modern day vending machines are capable of selling almost all kinds of products and are found at every nook and corner of streets.

With drastic changes in individual lifestyles, people are looking for more reliable, convenient and instant services. All this is possible with a single vending machine. In fact this is what has lead to the growth of this billion dollar industry. In fact this is the only industry that has been able to give life to several aspiring youth even during severe economic crisis.

With growing number of vending users, hundreds of vending machines models are being introduced into the market. What is making this business so popular?

• Unlike other business ventures, vending can be started with limited capital.

• Operators have the option of starting this business either on a full time basis or a part time basis. In case you are already full time employee and looking for some additional income to support your family, vending is perfect for you.

• There is complete flexibility in terms of operations style, selection of products, working hours, kind of machine to purchase and the location you would like to install it.

• This is one of the very few business models that give you financial independence while letting you be your own boss.

• Profit margins are quite high. However, they are not uniform across all products and keep varying from one product to another.

• Purchasing a new vending machine is also pretty cheap and affordable by most entrepreneurs.

• One of the highlights of this business is that it does not ask for any specific knowledge or skill set. So, anyone can take up this business.

• Overhead and operational costs are also very low in comparison with most other business models.

I am sure that after going through these benefits most of us would be lured towards starting our own vending business.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Benefits of Glass Front Vending Machines from Planet Antares

Glass front vending machines are latest up gradation over the closed ones. These machines are preferred because they are easy to use and allow customers to see the products which they are going to purchase. Glass front machines enable customers to see the products that are offered for sale. This makes selection easier and also creates an impulse for purchasing the product. Items thus displayed can lure the customers and create a desire for the product.

Glass front vending machines from Planet Antares, the latest entrants in vending industry are far more beneficial when compared to closed ones. Let us look at some of these benefits:

• Increase sales: It is believed that glass front vending machines are capable of generating more sales when compared to closed ones. One of the reasons being, customers can actually have a glance of the products which they are about to purchase. These machines have proved to be a great success in busy locations.

• Features: Glass front vending machines come with several attractive features like LED illuminators, pull forward trays, easy dispensing trays and refrigeration units.

• Shelf space: More products can be marketed in this small shelf space when compared to other drop shelf units.

• Customer association: Customer participation and involvement is more in a glass front vending machine in comparison with closed ones.

• Wastage: The possibility of products getting wasted is very low in a glass front vending machine. The reason being electronic tracking system.

• Choice: Customers have a wider choice because this machine can accommodate more products in it.

• Branded items: Glass front vending machines are ideal for vending branded products.

So, all those who are planning to start your own vending business or expand by installing new machines, buy a glass front vending machine now.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tips and Advice by Planet Antares for Starting Vending Business

Highly profitable, easy to operate and resistant to fluctuating markets, these are the unique features of a vending business. There is no doubt in saying that these are also the main features that are encouraging more and more operators to take up this business. Below mentioned are few tips that can help you in starting your own venture.

• In case you are an employee looking to take up vending business as an additional income source, do not quit your job. Even if you are considering that option, make sure you quit only after gaining confidence and after crossing break even.

• Make sure you have done enough ground work before jumping into conclusion. A thorough market research would help you in analysis the present market situation, demand for vending products and fast moving items.

• Try to vend fast selling products in your machine and alternately offer latest products. This would help you satisfy those customers who love to keep pace with market trends.

• As an operator you also need to know what’s happening at your competitors end. This would help you offer products and services at competitive prices.

• Make sure that your Planet Antares machines are in perfect working condition. Keep them clean and in proper condition. Well maintained machines will not only be successful in drawing the attention of customers but will also be able to provide uninterrupted services to your customers.

• Do things in an organised manner. This would help you in keeping track of your progress and at the same time prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs.

• Try to have a logo and display it on your machine. This would make you popular and easily recognisable.

• While expanding try to add more machines to your existing locations rather than search for new locations. This would not only save your time but makes things more easy.

These tips if followed carefully would help you in improving your vending operations.

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